STH logo 2Scaling The Heights is an organisation of like-minded medical educationalists based around the UK.

We are committed to learner-centred teaching, and in particular valuing the individual. We believe that by focusing on valuing one another we can contribute significantly to a healthier and happier morale and ethos in the Health Service, and ultimately to an improved standard of patient care.

The educational activities we provide aim to enable participants to learn more effectively and enjoyably.

We share the following values:

Learning and teaching are systemic

Learning involves the whole person, the social, the emotional, and the physical as well as the cognitive. We aim to balance the scientific and reductionist basis for teaching medicine by recognising the relationship between physical and mental states in learning

Learning is Personal

We learn and teach in a variety of ways and there is no one right way to learn. We explore a wide range of learning/teaching activities to achieve a flexible response to the diversity of learning styles and contexts.

Learning is more effective when learners are motivated intrinsically and are in control of their own learning

We believe that even in training contexts where there is an ‘external’ agenda it is possible to help learners harness their internal motivation to achieve these requirements. On Scaling the Heights courses we explore the processes involved in sharing and transferring power and control from facilitator to learner.

Those who have considered their own development are better equipped to help others develop and implement change

Within Scaling The Heights we set a premium on our own development as educators and to this end we aim to meet regularly to share teaching/learning experiences and learn from one another.

Course aims

On Scaling the Heights courses we aim to:

* enhance the motivation of the participants to want to learn and develop

* to provide a context where participants can improve their capabilities and implement the necessary changes

* enable participants to consider the systems that constrain or provide the opportunity to transfer learning and sustain change back in the workplace.

Course objectives

The courses will provide the participants the opportunity to:

Review their current practice with regard to an identified role.

Identify their own learning needs with respect to that role.

Construct achievable outcomes related to needs.

Generate a variety of strategies to achieve these outcomes.

Identify ways in which they can determine their success in achieving the outcomes.

These basic generic educational strategies can be implemented in a variety of contexts, intra or inter-professionally and at a regional, national or international level.


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