Introductions – Leeds



Pebble under each chair.


Introduction of facilitators (10 minutes)

Two minutes each on the 4 Rs ( not Reading  Writing  ‘Rithmetic, nor Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle and Recover)

but Refresh  (Shake),  Rejuvenate  (Mark),  Refine  (Michael)  and Reflect  (Mike)

Thirty  seconds from each facilitator on what they do/ where they are from.


Line up by year started as a trainer (5 minutes)

Silent initially,  then when agreed confirm out loud.

Each end of the line then to join so that everybody in pairs  – (could be odd number… leaving a 3 at the middle)

Task for each pair 15 minutes – 7.5 minutes each way

Take a pair of seats together ( + find the stones under the chairs)

Explain where you work

And your experience of training so far

Condense with the help of your partner 2 things (rocks are formed by condensing materials, or when v hot material cools)

  • The core value for me of being a trainer is…….
  • The preoccupation that I want to put down so that I can concentrate most effectively today is ..



  • Identify distractors for the day and how to reduce their impact
  • Create opportunity for Leeds GPSTP to link as a group and create new links between trainers
  • Physical activity at start + interaction with colleagues early on
  • Start work with metaphor ( facilitator introductions)


Then to Small group

Six serving men introductions in pairs (20 minutes)

Thirty minutes to present back to the group

Build a cairn : and at the same time put down the group’s pre-occupations

Cairn is also marker of a peak or at least the path to the peak…

So sharing of core values of being a trainer.

Further work for the morning could include –

Move to NVC activity

Floor activity intro then in pairs


Feelings- separated from thoughts & respecting the boundary that is me not from others



Balint session


And / or

Reflection on boundaries and their meanings/ my boundaries/ the boundaries created around me etc.



I Keep Six Honest Serving Men – Rudyard Kipling

I KEEP six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.
I send them over land and sea,
I send them east and west;
But after they have worked for me,
I give them all a rest.

I let them rest from nine till five,
For I am busy then,
As well as breakfast, lunch, and tea,
For they are hungry men.
But different folk have different views;
I know a person small—
She keeps ten million serving-men,
Who get no rest at all!

She sends’em abroad on her own affairs,
From the second she opens her eyes—
One million Hows, two million Wheres,
And seven million Whys!

The Elephant’s Child

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind” – Rudyard Kipling.