Personal Values – What matters to you? What makes you tick?

Trainee: From the list below, tick the words which really strike a strong chord with you.   Words which matter to you and your life. Perhaps no more than 20. Please be honest and go with what you feel really matters to you.


ÿ         Acceptance – wanted to be accepted

ÿ         Accuracy

ÿ         Achievement

ÿ         Adventure – a sense of

ÿ         Altruism (selfless concern for the well-being of others)

ÿ         Ambition

ÿ         Being assertive

ÿ         Balance

ÿ         Being the best

ÿ         Feeling a sense of Belonging

ÿ         Having a calm life

ÿ         Being careful

ÿ         Sense of Challenge

ÿ         Cheerfulness

ÿ         Commitment

ÿ         Community

ÿ         Compassion

ÿ         Being Competitive

ÿ         Being Competent

ÿ         Consistency

ÿ         Contentment

ÿ         Continuously improving oneself or others

ÿ         A contribution to society or others

ÿ         Being in Control

ÿ         Cooperation

ÿ         Things being Correct

ÿ         Creativity

ÿ         Curiosity

ÿ         Being Decisive

ÿ         Democracy

ÿ         Being Dependable

ÿ         Determination

ÿ         Being Devout

ÿ         Diligence

ÿ         Discipline

ÿ         Diversity

ÿ         Economy

ÿ         Being Effective

ÿ         Being Efficiency

ÿ         Elegance

ÿ         Empathy

ÿ         Enjoyment

ÿ         Enthusiasm

ÿ         Equality

ÿ         Excellence

ÿ         Excitement

ÿ         Having Expertise

ÿ         Exploration

ÿ         Expressiveness

ÿ         Fairness

ÿ         Faith

ÿ         Family

ÿ         Fame

ÿ         Fidelity (faithfulness)

ÿ         Fitness

ÿ         Focus

ÿ         Freedom

ÿ         Fun

ÿ         Being Generous

ÿ         Goodness

ÿ         Showing Grace (elegance)

ÿ         Gratitude

ÿ         Growth

ÿ         Happiness

ÿ         Hardworking

ÿ         Health

ÿ         Helping Society

ÿ         Honesty

ÿ         Honour

ÿ         Humility (modesty)

ÿ         Being Independent

ÿ         Ingenuity (being clever or inventive)

ÿ         Having Inner Harmony

ÿ         Being Inquisitive

ÿ         Insightfulness

ÿ         Intelligence

ÿ         Intellectual Status

ÿ         Intuition

ÿ         Justice

ÿ         Leadership

ÿ         Leaving a Legacy (a mark on the world)

ÿ         Love

ÿ         Loyalty

ÿ         Making a difference

ÿ         Mastery

ÿ         Merit

ÿ         Obedience

ÿ         Being open and honest

ÿ         Order or structure or being methodical

ÿ         Being Original

ÿ         Patriotism

ÿ         Perfection

ÿ         Positivity

ÿ         Practicality

ÿ         Always being Prepared

ÿ         Professionalism

ÿ         Prudence/Cautiousness

ÿ         Delivering Quality

ÿ         Recreation (leisure time)

ÿ         Reliability

ÿ         Reputation

ÿ         Resourcefulness

ÿ         Responsibility

ÿ         Showing some Restraint

ÿ         Results-oriented

ÿ         Security

ÿ         Self-actualisation (trying to achieve the best you can be)

ÿ         Self-control

ÿ         Selflessness

ÿ         Self-reliance

ÿ         Self-respect

ÿ         Sensitivity

ÿ         Serenity (calmness, peaceful, untroubled)

ÿ         Simplicity

ÿ         Sincerity (being real, being genuine, trustworthy)

ÿ         Soundness

ÿ         Speed

ÿ         Spirituality

ÿ         Spontaneity

ÿ         Stability

ÿ         Being Strategic (looking at the bigger picture)

ÿ         Strength

ÿ         Structure

ÿ         Success

ÿ         Support

ÿ         Teamwork

ÿ         Thankfulness

ÿ         Thoroughness

ÿ         Thoughtfulness

ÿ         Being Tidy

ÿ         Tolerance

ÿ         Traditionalism

ÿ         Trustworthiness

ÿ         Truth-seeking

ÿ         Understanding

ÿ         Uniqueness

ÿ         Being Useful

ÿ         Having a Vision

ÿ         Vitality (having energy)

ÿ         Wisdom