Film Clips


Scaling the Heights™  A Film Clip Library

Using a mixture of media can enrich learning in lots of ways:

  • By engaging the learners
  • By stimulating other ways of thinking, and new perspectives
  • By demonstrating how life experiences can inform our learning

These are some film clips which we have used in teaching and learning activities. We have indicated the kind of resonances we have seen – you may see others, of course.

Film Which bit? What is it good for? Where can it be obtained? Recommended by?
Dead Poets Society
  • Carpe Diem at the beginning
  • “Rip” section
  • Jumping off the desk
  • Funny walks in the quadrangle
  • Seize the day, What is education really about?
  • The principles of assessment. Good teaching
  • seeing things from a different perspective
  • Everyone is different
Commercially Roland,Jonas
La vie est bella     (Life is Beautiful)
  • Beginning, a Jew in Rome
  • 1/3 way in, prison barracks
  • Absence of prejudice
  • We hear what we want to
Commercially Roland
Educating Rita 2/3 way in, Rita comes back from her course The learner outgrows the teacher Commercially Roland
JoHari Window All the way through Intro to the concepts and use of JoHari From Jonas, Roland RolandJonas
Master &     Commander 2/3 way in, conversation between Doctor Stephen and the Master The nature of Leadership (one view!) Commercially Roland
Lord of the Rings 1 Council of Elrond At the beginning of meetings, courses, etc, people come together with their own stories and journeys Commercially Roland
Full Monty ½ way, an attempt to teach them to dance Recruit the learners themselves, and their ideas, if you want them to learn something Commercially Roland
Creature Comforts The first scene, of animals in the zoo talking about their experiences Fun, light-hearted. Everyone is different Bitty, and commercially RolandBitty
Chicken Run The bit in the shed where they are trying out the catapault with the turnip. Trying different ways of doing things and not giving up if it doesn’t work at first Commercially Katharine
Ground Hog Day Choose any scene that shows repetitive nature metaphor for how we can live our lives day to day with no significant change Commercially Jonas
Don Juan de Marco Scene near start where psychiatrist talks Juan off roof top by pacing him (entering his map of the world) whole movie is marvellous comment on the map is not the territory.  Commercially Jonas
Truly Madly Deeply Romantic comedy that also conveys in metaphor how the mind holds onto the deceased loved one Commercially Jonas
Good Will Hunting Second meeting of psychiatrist and Will  Explains the difference between a ‘declarative’ and a ‘functioning’ knowledge of life and love. Commercially Jonas
It’s a Wonderful Life Where Clarence, George Bailey’s Guardian angel, jumps into the river to save George from suicide. Living an ‘ordinary’ life to your values and principles has a ripple effect. Jonas Commercially Jonas
The Doctor Scene when surgeon has his students undergo themselves the investigations they order for their patients Insensitive surgeon changes perspective when he develops cancer.  Commercially Jonas
One Flew over the   Cuckoo’s Nest Whole movie Abuse of power Commercially Jonas
The Big Chill, The Accidental Tourist, Grand Canyon Films of Lawrence Kasdan Human relationships Commercially Jonas
A Horizon programme Richard Fenyman describing visual perception followed by Marvin Minskey’s comments:
  • How going back to a childlike simplicity facilitates creativity
  • map and territory (there is no one correct way of representing things’)
  • flexibility of approaches
From Jonasfrom BBC Jonas
David Copperfield Scene when David is told of Mother’s death  Stimulus to discuss the who, when and where of breaking bad news. BBC FilmsJonas Jonas
Obedience Any scene that demonstrates the ‘teacher’ going on to administer a potentially lethal electric shock when given permission by the ‘scientist/experimenter’ in charge.  Shocking, in at least two senses of the word, portrayal of how most of us are capable of committing terrible acts against our fellow men British Universities Film & Video Council  & Jonas Jonas
Five Steps to     Tyranny BBC Documentary As above, a warning about our   tendency to obey figures of authority in an unthinking way – as a step towards serious human rights abuses Jonas Jonas
Don’t Move ITV Documentary. Out-take from ‘It Will Be Alright on the Night’                       Director requests/demands/implores actor to say lines without moving his head. About deep and surface structure to communication Jonas Jonas
The Beginning A Wiggleman Video – a 10 mins cartoon Creativity Jonas, Shake Jonas
The Wee    Kirkudbright Centipede by “Singing Kettle” !! Demonstrates unconscious competence  Eileen
Mr Deeds Goes to   Town A bit at the end of the original film About personal responsibility and integrity Eileen
Bambi There’s the bit where Bambi learns to walk with the aid of “thumper”……… …..his mentor Eileen
Galaxy Quest There’s a bit in Galaxy quest where people “act as if” and … ….prove themselves heroes. Eileen
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin First and last 5 minutes, esp the scene with the pea in the ear A sideways look at communicating and getting the best out of people Commercially Veronica
Amelie Where she turns to water as her chap leaves the restaurant without knowing who she is recognising insecurities, non verbal communication Commercially Veronica
Iris Funeral scene Different perspectives of illness – viewed by the individual, spouse, family, friends, etc Commercially Veronica
Four Weddings & a Funeral  Wedding scene when deaf brother has to speak for groom Facilitation and articulation of  our thoughts may be needed to take action Steve or any video shop Steve
Rock School 2/3 of way through when one of the pupil gives ‘too’ honest feedback  Requesting and receiving feedback Commercially Steve
Rain man Half way through when Raymond counts toothpicks dropped on floor Making assumptions – not all talents are immediately obvious  Commercially Steve
Regeneration  Interview technique used by Capt. Rivers with Billy Prior or Siegfried Sassoon  Art of facilitation in bringing self-awareness; how to use reflective questioning Commercially Steve
Amadeus  Scene 10 – Austrian Emperor  tells Mozart that his work is almost perfect but has ‘too many notes’  Value judgements about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Commercially Steve
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid As they ride back to their Wyoming hide-out (the infamous ‘Hole in the Wall’ concealed in rugged canyons) before rock formations, the film slowly becomes full-colour. When they reach a valley floor and guide their horses through a small stream as they draw near to the entrance, Butch exclaims:“Boy, y’know, every time I see ‘Hole in the Wall’ again, it’s like seeing it fresh for the first time, and every time that happens, I keep asking myself the same question, ‘How can I be so damn stupid as to keep comin’ back here?’”


The cycle of experience and learning Commercially Mark
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid In the “knife fight” between Butch and Harvey. All in the negotiation –  and Butch tricks Harvey Importance of honest contracting, in appraisals, mentoring, and any learning situation Commercially Mark
Annie Hall The monologue at the very beginning… Woody speculates on his life, what he’ll be like when he’s older, and reviewing his experiences… “And I keep asking myself – where did the screw-up come?” Learning is about finding meaning in our lives Commercially Mark
Saving Private Ryan 58 minutes in when they “Break Bad News” to Private Ryan – straight to the point- “all your brothers are dead” – and to the wrong Private Ryan. Example of Breaking Bad News, spectacularly badly done. Commercially Michael