Ideas are Perceptions

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Ideas are perceptions

The Mind Is/has An Eye

Thinking Is Examining

– 1 Let’s take a closer look at that proposal.

– 2 He puts my ideas under a microscope.

– 3 He held it up to scrutiny.

– 4 She examined it closely.

– 5 He wanted to see all sides of the issue.

Understanding Is Seeing

— 1 Can you shed more light on this issue?  I don’t quite see what you are talking about.

— 2 He spotlighted the issues that were important.

— 3 She finally opened her eyes to what was going on around her.

— 1 He still has the illusions of his youth.

— 2 He sees only what he wants to see.

— 3 He’s not seeing things clearly.

— 4 The situation was going on under his nose, but he didn’t realize it.

— 1 I was in the dark for a long time.

— 2 My early training had put blinders on me.

— 3 I’m just in a fog today, I don’t know what is going on.

— 4 She walks around blindfolded.

— 5 His eyes are closed to everything around him.

— 1 He saw through her lies.

— 2 He could see what was behind my actions.

— 3 He has eyes in the back on his head.

Communication Is Showing

— 1 See, you just have to look at it this way.

— 2 Look out for tricky spots.

— 3 Just look at what I’m trying to show you.

— 1 The Watergate cover-up.

— 2 He put up a good front.

— 3 He put on an act to hide his true motives.

— 4 Every spy needs a good cover.

— 1 They purposefully left me in the dark regarding that point.

— 2 He’s deliberately clouding the issue.

— 3 They threw up a smoke screen of lies.

— 4 They obscured the issue.

— 5 She blinded me with claims of innocence.

Remembering Is Reviewing