IT Learning

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IT learning expectations

IT Learning ExpectationsThis is a DOH list of expectations for Health professionals:

organise electronic information ( e.g. naming documents, setting up directories, moving files, renaming files )
use a word processor package to generate simple documents
enter and manipulate data on a spreadsheet
search a simple database
undertake searches and access relevant sites on the web
retrieve and download documents from various sources and transfer data from one application to another
explain the reason for electronic networking and give examples of its use in the healthcare arena
send, receive and acknowledge e-mail and attachments
identify examples of the use of information technology as an effective tool in the delivery and management of healthcare
evaluate the effective use of information systems in the NHS
discuss why different examples should be paper based or electronic

The following also need to be considered by some healthcare professionals:

  • set up a modem and internet connection
  • construct and deliver a computerised slide presentation
  • describe the data standards that exist for relevant operational systems, accessing networks and networked information .