SPICES model

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SPICES model

The SPICES Model of Educational Strategies in Curriculum Development


Ronald Harden and colleagues identified six themes to consider when planning, or developing, a curriculum. They saw each of these themes as a continuum, with more recent developments located to the left, and more traditional strategies to the right. They suggest that by considering where a curriculum should fit on each of the six continua, a curriculum can be reviewed (or planned from scratch) more effectively.


The SPICES Model

S    Student-centred ————————    Teacher-centred

P    Problem-based ————————-    Information-gathering

I    Integrated    —————————-    Discipline-based

C    Community-based  ——————–    Hospital-based

E    Electives    —————————–    Standard Programme

S    Systematic    ————————–    Apprenticeship-based


The model was originally developed to apply to an undergraduate medical curriculum, but can be adapted to a variety of settings.


Original reference:

RM Harden, Susette Sowden, and DR Dunn (1984)

ASME Medical Education Booklet No. 18