VAK Questionnaire

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For each question there are 3 potential answers. Circle the one that most closely represents you. When you have finished add up the scores under each column; this can give you an idea of the sense you prefer to utilise to take in information and store it; your comfortable or dominant sense. Different learning tasks may require different strategies; for example learning to ski and learning poetry. Use the tool as starting point.



WHEN YOU….              DO YOU…..


Spell a word


Try to visualise it Sound it out Write it down
Are concentrating Get most distracted by untidiness Get most distracted by noises Get most distracted by physical movements
Choose your favourite art form Prefer paintings Prefer music Prefer dance/ sculptures
Reward someone Tend to write praise on their work or on a note Tend to give them praise orally Tend to give them a pat on the back
Talk Talk quite fast but keep idle conversation limited Talk fluently with an even pace and logical order Use lots of hand movements and talk about actions and feelings
Meet people Remember mostly how they looked or the surroundings Remember mostly what was said or remember their names Remember mostly what you did or remember their emotions
See a film,

watch TV or

read a novel

Remember best what the scenes/ people looked like Remember best what was said/ how the music sounded Remember best what happened or the characters’ emotions
Relax Generally prefer watching TV or reading Generally prefer music Generally prefer games/ sports





WHEN YOU….              DO YOU…..


Try to interpret someone’s mood Mainly note facial expression Listen to the tone of their voice Watch body movements
Are recalling something Remember what you saw Remember what was said Remember what was done and how you felt
Are memorising something Do you prefer to memorise by writing it repeatedly Do you prefer to memorise by repeating words over and over Do you prefer to memorise by doing something repeatedly
Are angry Become silent and seethe inside Express it in loud outbursts Storm about, clench your fists and throw things about
Are inactive Look around, doodle, watch something Talk to yourself Fidget, walk about
Contact business people Prefer face to face contact Rely on the telephone Talk it out while walking or doing something
Are learning Prefer to read Like to attend lectures Like to be involved








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