Who we are


Shake Fhoek 2

Shake Seigel – GP, GP Appraiser, Medical Educator.


ugly mark

Mark Waters – GP, GP Appraiser, Medical Educator, Musician.



Elizabeth (Bitty) Muller – GP, GP Appraiser and Medical Educator


Ramesh Mehay

Ramesh Mehay – GP, GP Trainer, Training Programme Director, Medical Educator.


Steve Walters

Steve Walter. GP, GP Trainer, Medical Educator, Head of GP School – Health Education West Midlands.


Michael Dawson

Michael Dawson – GP, Medical Educator.


Jim Bartlett

Jim Bartlett – GP, GP Trainer, Medical Educator, Associate Dean for Quality & ARCP – Health Education West Midlands.


Kay Mohanna

Kay Mohanna –  GP,  GP Trainer,  Professor of Values-Based Healthcare Education, University of Worcester Institute of Health and Society

Gilly Cooper 1

Gilly Cooper – GP, GP Trainer, GP Mentor and Appraiser, GP Educator.


Kevin Ilsley 1

Kevin Illsley – GP, GP Educator, CCG Medical Advisor.



Katharine King – GP, GP Trainer, Area Director Coventry & Warwickshire – Health Education West Midlands, Medical Educator.



Veronica Wilkie – GP, Medical Educator, Prof of Primary Care University of Worcester, Medical Director of Worcester MSc Physician Associate Course.



Mike Deighan – GP, RCGP Examiner, Medical Educator.


Mike Tomson

Mike Tomson – GP, GP Trainer, GP Appraiser, Associate Postgraduate Dean for ARCP & DiD – Yorkshire & Humber Deanery.



Martyn Hughes – GP, GP Trainer, Training Programme Director, GP Tutor, Out of Hours Clinical Supervisor, Medical Educator.




Jonas Miller – Retired GP, Medical Educator, Hospice Adviser.



Sabena Jameel – GP, GP Trainer, Medical Educator, GP Appraiser, Area Director Birmingham & Solihull – Health Education West Midlands.



Bill Foster – Recently retired GP, Medical Educator.



Kate Gathercole – Sustainability advocacy engagement & activism, homeopath & folk singer/ musician.



David Rose – Part-time GP and part-time Deputy Director of Postgraduate GP Education for the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery.



Saadi Hasan – GP, GP Trainer, Training Programme Director, Medical Educator.



Eileen Gunstone – GP, Training Programme Director, GP Appraiser, RCGP Examiner, Medical Educator.


Roland Spencer-Jones 2.6.09

Roland Spencer-Jones – Retired GP, Medical Educationalist, Manqué Archaeologist.



Duncan Shrewsbury

Duncan Shrewsbury – Lecturer in Clinical Education (University of Worcester), GP.








Fi Kameen – GP,  Medical Educationalist, Area Director Worcestershire & Herefordshire, RCGP Examiner.


Iain Lamb – GP, Medical Educator.